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Hot and cold clarification process of tea beverage production line

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Tea drink, according to the different raw materials can be divided into tea tea drinks and mixed tea beverage, tea beverage tea is tea or tea powder processing, keep the original fragrance and flavor to the drink; and deployment of tea beverages include: fruit juice tea beverage, carbonate beverage tea, milk beverage and so on.

According to the final product positioning different use of different processes, in order to control accurate, energy saving, stable, and maintain the natural flavor of the product, the company used in the high-end equipment。 Electronic control parts are generally based on the Siemens, Schneider and other; steam valves generally use the British Sipaishake, flowmeter using Endress + Hauser。

Mature technology, superb technology, sophisticated equipment, the beverage industry towards the success of the inevitable choice, in the tea beverage, not only good solves the tea drink easy to change color and flavor loss, more in keeping good flavor and color to avoid the turbidity and precipitate.

Tea beverage process:

1, cold clarification process method

Tea -- Extraction -- coarse filter -- rapid cooling -- fine filter -- -- -- the deployment of high temperature sterilization, filling and capping

2, heat clarification process method

Tea -- Extraction -- coarse filter -- clarification -- -- -- -- the deployment of fine filtration sterilization filling and capping

Methods 1 and 2 major differences:

Method 1: high temperature extraction, cooling out of the fine filter to clarify, and finally to improve the temperature sterilization.

Method 2: to keep the natural temperature drop after the extraction, the high temperature, and the high temperature sterilization。

Method 2 advantages: to clarify the transparency, to clarify the status of stability. Energy saving effect is remarkable.

Beijing Shun Fu technology company specializing in the production of various kinds of tea beverage equipment, tea beverage production line, welcome to negotiate cooperation!


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