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Future development trend of beverage production line

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The rapid development of science and technology, the machinery industry in the hearts of the user has been a great degree of recognition, but the fruit juice production line in the development of our country, met a lot of obstacles。 Some of China's fruit juice production enterprises for technological transformation, had to spend a lot of money from abroad to introduce some advanced technology and high production efficiency complete sets of fruit juice beverage production line, resulting in a large part of the domestic market share is occupied by foreign brands。 Our country's juice production line development space is still vast, juice production line of technical level to be an urgent need for the development of。

Juice production line industry, although the number of employees and the total number of enterprises, but the industry is weak, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities are relatively small. Some in the industry cutting-edge technology such as ultra low temperature and super high pressure, membrane separation, super critical extraction, radiation, vacuum, relying on a hospital is unable to complete, the enterprise is badly in need of investment funds. In the past, the combination of production, learning, research and development model in the industry failed to achieve success, limited scientific research strength has not been fully played a role, juice production line is strongly needed for scientific research.

Because of the rapid development of science and technology, the mechanical industry has been developed rapidly, especially in the wide application of automation and intelligent technology, so that the human society has entered the era of automation。 Fruit juice production line industry also benefited a lot。 In the face of internal and external market, fruit juice production line manufacturers actively introduce foreign advanced technology, careful research and Study on the filling machine and equipment, at the same time, according to the needs of the domestic market to upgrade。 In particular, automation, intelligent technology, applied to the production of fruit juice production line, so that it is better in line with the trend of the times。

Future development trend of fruit juice production line

High speed, high quality, high precision, to the large-scale development. In order to meet the needs of the beverage industry production, in order to obtain the best economic benefits, beverage equipment is becoming more and more large. Such as carbonated beverage filling equipment filling speed up to a maximum of 2000 cans per minute, H & K Company in Germany, Sen Corporation, KRO-NES company. The filling equipment, filling valve head number respectively reached 165, 144, 178 head. Non carbonated beverage equipment of the head of the filling valve is 50-100 head, filling speed of up to 1500 cans /min.

Multi function of equipment。 Integrated with a variety of liquid, a variety of bottle filling and sealing。 A variety of tea drinks, coffee drinks, milk drinks and fruit juices and drinks hot filling and filling glass and PET bottles。

Mechanical and electrical integration. This is the most important trend in the development of beverage machinery and equipment. PLC is widely used in the control system of beverage machinery and equipment. The large equipment uses computer control, fault self diagnosis, signal display, intelligent. Production equipment of high technology, high reliability, the full production line of automatic control level and full efficiency. The on-line detection device and the measuring device are complete and can automatically detect the parameters and measure accurately. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetism as one of the high-tech products continue to emerge. The reliability of beverage packaging equipment and the coordination of the packaging line directly affect the efficiency of the whole fruit juice production line, production cost and product quality.


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