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Market gaps and fruits and vegetables complete sets of mechanical opportunities

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From the information of China food and packaging machinery industry association show, fruit and vegetable food packaging machinery development has great potential, especially some can make fruit and vegetable food to form large-scale production of large complete sets of machinery and equipment are urgently needed to be developed to fill the gaps in the market。

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, at present, China's food industry due to the lack of advanced food processing and packaging machinery not timely packaging processing of fruit and vegetable products each year, resulting in perishable about 25% of the fruits, 30% of the vegetables and 20% of the aquatic products, coupled with poor packaging each year, resulting in great economic losses.

Experts believe that, the development of advanced and applicable fruit and vegetable juice, processing and packaging machinery have a brilliant future. Such machinery can not only keep the original flavor of the fresh fruit, cater to consumer to return to nature, the pursuit, but also can greatly enhance the added value of fruits and vegetables, so that farmers get more direct income. Food machinery market, in essence, is the expansion and extension of agricultural and sideline products processing machinery market. From the current point of view, most of China's food machinery for food processing still in traditional food processing, and with the rapid development of economic construction, the continuous improvement of people's living standards, increasing abundance kinds of food, people's understanding of food have been from a purely physiological needs to the pursuit of taste and vision of the rich.

China's fruit and vegetable processing enterprises R & D and innovation ability is very weak, the core competitiveness of the so-called low price advantage. In foreign countries, the vast majority of enterprises are equipped with R & D department or R & D center, the development of new products, the general business development costs accounted for sales revenue 2% - 3% or more. But most of the domestic processing enterprises do not attach importance to product development and investment in science and technology, do not pay attention to the enterprise personnel training and the introduction, result in a lack of corporate R & D personnel and research and development facilities, resulting in business R & D and innovation ability is poor, backward technology, products can not meet the market demand.

With the domestic and international market demand for fruit and vegetable juice beverage continues to rise, the production of fruit and vegetable juice production in the development of opportunities, who can seize the opportunity, who is the winner.

Apple juice concentrate processing industry is the largest and most technical maturity in the field of juice processing in China. With the increasing competition in the industry, the full range of cost control has become a common and long-term concern of enterprises, and also become a new competitive point of the industry. At present, concentrated apple juice factory mainly to high temperature evaporation achieve technology of concentrated apple juice processing, so that the energy consumption is very great, if we can put forward the goal of cost control in this link, will achieve considerable economic value.

Although the number of fruits and vegetables beverage processing industry and the total number of enterprises, but the industry is weak, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities are relatively small. Some in the industry cutting-edge technology such as ultra low temperature and super high pressure, membrane separation, super critical extraction, radiation, vacuum, relying on a hospital is unable to complete, the enterprise is badly in need of investment funds.

Future fruit and beverage processing machinery market will to high-end market transformation, in order to come to the fore in the next international competition and need to improve product quality standards, market-oriented, and increase the intensity of the adjustment of product structure, innovation of science and technology, increase research and development of new materials, new technology, has a strong influence on the characteristics of professional brand market. The future market of fruit and vegetable beverage processing machinery has the potential to develop.


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