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Fermented yogurt beverage production line

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Production line characteristics
2.1 for soy yogurt fermentation technology and design, manufacturing, technology and equipments, ensure that the quality of the yogurt and the whole line running stability.
2.2 motor through the UL or CSA certification.
2.3 PC, pipelines, valves, pumps and platforms, ladders, pipe rack has a selection of high quality stainless steel manufacturing;Wire, cable, electronics, instruments are choose the best brand in China;And touch screen control components adopt Siemens of Germany or Japan panasonic joint products.The whole production line material high-grade, treatment is excellent, stable performance, with international advanced level.
2.4 device outer wall inferior smooth, the lining connection and weld are fine polishing, joint are polished into a circular arc, ensure feeding clean not hanging and CIP cleaning clean.
2.5 all device is very compact, saving investment, artificial and reduce the washing water.
2.6 simple operation, easy maintenance, wearing parts do have security.
2.7 all beautiful health, conform to the norms of modern food factory, can for people to visit for sales.


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