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Fruity milk production line

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Production Process
First, the choice of raw materials
Selection of fully mature, fresh, good flavor, rich juice, no pests of fresh fruit, maturity is not enough to go through ripening.
Second, the raw material pretreatment
1, cleaning. After selecting the raw materials to wash with a clean water to clean hair  cleaned and then placed in 1% hydrochloric acid solution or detergent solution rinse, remove residual pesticides, and then rinse in water, drain.
2, cut to half the nucleus. Cut with a semi-digging nuclear machine. 3, immersion color protection. Cut the raw material after half-digging into 0.1%. Ascorbic acid and citric acid mixed solution soak color protection.
Third, heating beating
The fruit pieces were heated at 90 ° C-95 ° C for 3-5 minutes to promote softening and beaten through a beater of 0.5 mm in diameter to remove the peel.
Fourth, flavor adjustment
After the last step of the pulp in order to increase flavor to be adjusted. Adjust the time by adding sugar, citric acid and L-ascorbic acid and other ingredients. The proportion of peach pulp 100 kg, 27% sugar 80 kg, 0.45 citric acid
Kg, L-ascorbic acid 0.07-0.2 kg.
5, homogeneous degassing
Homogenization is to enable the fruit juice suspension of pulp particles into smaller particles and evenly dispersed in the juice, increase the stability of the juice to prevent stratification. Homogenized method is to filter the juice through the high-pressure homogenizer, so that fruit juice in the pulp and colloidal material under high pressure through the diameter of 0.002-0.003 mm small holes to become more small particles. Production
Generally using 130-160 kg / cm2 homogenizer.
Colloidal mills can also be used for homogenization. When the juice flows through the colloid mill gap is 0.05-0.075 mm of the slit, the juice of the pulp particles due to strong centrifugal force of mutual impact friction, so as to achieve homogeneous purposes.
The fruit in the juice into the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and other gases, which can cause vitamin C and nitrogen pigment
Etc., it is necessary to carry out degassing.
6, sterilization cans
Fruit juice heated to 95 ℃, for 1 minute, immediately hot cans.
Seal cooling
Tighten the cap and turn the pot upside down for one minute. Sealed quickly cooled to 38 ℃ sub-section, and then storage storage. The quality of the finished fruit tea was pink or tan, allowed with dark red, liquid uniform cloudy, long after standing particles precipitation, with peach flavor, no smell, soluble solids of 10% -14%.


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